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Francesca D'Elia
Fine Artist
Watercolor and Acrylic Colorist


75 Bullard St.
Dedham, MA





Artist Methods
I use a method with watercolor and gouache by layering color on top of color. It is really a variation of an old method, originally called the "English Method". The traditional English Method was a very realistic and slow style requiring weeks or months to complete a painting. I have created a much faster way to achieve this method. This allows me to express myself with a loose fresh style while maintaining my personality and achieving my goals, It requires knowing the pigments, from the most transparent to the most staining. I apply wet into wet to give the painting variation. I lay on kosher salt or gouache to obtain different textures. I love the versatility of watercolor


I grew up in a small town on Cape Cod, Harwichport. My dad was a country doctor with his office in our home. Some of my earliest memories as a child were of my mother, an artist, and myself painting together. As I worked with my mom I realized I wanted to be an artist. Raising six children and managing dad's office left my mother with little time to paint. Upon graduation from high-school I attended the Museum School of Fine Art in Boston briefly, since it was very restricting. I then traveled to Florence, Italy, enrolled at the University of Florence (Academia) where I studied art and voice with a private teachers. After two years and significant traveling, I moved to New York City. I studied art at the Student league, and voice with Estelle Liebling, who was instrumental in my being hired by the Metropolitan Opera Company at age 21. During this time I had two one woman shows at Crespi Gallery on Madison Ave. After 7 years, since it was not possible to continue pursuing both disciplines, I resigned from the Opera company. I married, gave birth to a wonderful son, Aaron, and 2 years later divorced becoming a single parent, living on Newbury Street, Boston. There I met my current husband, Peter Latham, a well known Industrial Designer who introduced me to watercolor, as my prime medium had been pastel. Since then I have been a full time professional fine art artist. I have over 500 paintings in over 300 collections. I am most grateful for the opportunity to do what I love--to paint!!